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"Exceptional book written by someone who has been there and done that! Uses a simple methodology to construct what most entrepreneurs find difficult and simply overlook it because they feel it is too overwhelming. Highly Recommend this book for anyone planning to go into business for themselves or planning to expand their business."

- Mark G. 

"As a Veteran and an entrepreneur I finally found a solution that made sense to me. One of the best reads no matter what stage your business is in. Set yourself up for success and get a copy today."

- Kevin F. 

"As an operational Project Manager for a large state agency, this effort by Mr. Penney will quickly become the ‘Gold Standard’ concerning planning and managing projects within my organization. It is filled full of relevant information that is applicable to any industry. Its content demonstrates and gives solid examples of how to take tasks, regardless of size or complexity, and systematically decompose them through a detailed planning process.

I am actively pursuing my MBA. I have had several classes concerning Project Management and business planning. This work has put my past learning and experiences into a much clearer context. I would suggest any business student, or organizational leader to invest in the “5 Paragraph Business Plan.” It will ensure that your message is delivered clearly, concisely, and meaningfully to your team members within your organization."

- David H.

"I've been an entrepreneur in the agricultural industry for 8 years and this is the business planning/modeling system I've been waiting for. I teach it to veterans and aspiring farmers as a no nonsense method for planning business and production models in a quick and to-the-point manner. This is the future of business plans no doubt."

- Robert E. 


"I am the spouse of a military veteran who was injured in combat. My job now is to take care of the home-front. I have been dabbling in different business ideas and this book has helped me tremendously. I highly recommend this book to anyone who either owns a business or who is getting ready to start one! Even if you aren't starting a business, you can adapt your life around this book. It's good stuff for sure, easy to read and understand."

- Miss. Review Em Like I See Em